Corporate sales and partnerships

If you are a health provider or enterprise looking to provide engaging digital health solutions to your patients and customers, then Health& may have a solution to suit you. We provide a range of white-label opportunities to access our platform through to a content licensing service for our large library of proprietary medically-verified health topics. Contact us for more information at 


A digital health evolution

Health& has produced an intelligent, engaging and medically-verified platform that places consumers at the center of healthcare by scaling the traditional 'gold standard' for health information (the doctor-patient relationship) through the use of intelligent digital technology. The platform provides the foundations for immediate service, convenience, a safe and secure place to maintain records, precision information, preventive support, continuity of care, and trust, while enabling interactions between a wide range of industry participants.

Today, we license this technology to business and innovators worldwide. We have two products:

  1. A personalized digital health platform; and
  2. A unique animated library of consumer-facing health content.



The key to prevention 

Chronic disease is responsible for over 80% of all preventable deaths and is the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide. It has major long-term impact on productivity and profitability in the workplace, and on individuals, our families and our communities. And the burden of chronic disease is expected to grow over coming years, driven by an aging population and an increase in risk factors like poor nutrition and physical inactivity. The sad fact is that 65% of all moneys spent on healthcare worldwide is due to preventable chronic disease.

We established Health& to find ways to engage people in their own health, knowing that the key to preventing chronic disease is engagement. The art of engagement is to 'make it personal', and the only way to 'make anything personal' is to match it to the individual, and in healthcare, we do that with information.

Our platform provides personalized preventive care assessments and personalized information that improves health literacy and encourages people to participate in their own health. 70% of Health& technology users complete preventive care assessments. Our technology is designed to interact with healthcare providers, technologies and businesses. It provides the foundations for personalized care, preventive care, trusted information, privacy, security, immediate service and convenience. Our goal is to connect with providers and business that can improve the consumer experience by making healthcare easier, more convenient and ultimately - effortless.

Health& is designed to reach the general population for:

  • Assessing moderate or increasing risk
  • Pre-chronic or self-managed conditions
  • Providing low touch, simple, low cost support
  • Focused on making a difference in self-care to improve healthcare ROI

Use our platform for range of preventive solutions from single clinic to enterprise wide.

Access our Health& content library.

Health& has created a multi-media library of over 400 commonly searched health topics, which are presented in written, illustrated and animated formats. This content helps to educate consumers in managing their personal and family health. We have content licensing available for regional, local or platform requirements.


Interested in becoming a platform partner?

As an API enabled platform, Health& is now linking to health service providers and health technologies offering a greater breadth of services to our subscribers. This includes:

  • Health apps
  • Appointment engines
  • Telehealth services
  • Medications and Compliance
  • Wearables
  • Carers


Interested in becoming part of the Health& toolbox?

For further information please contact us at