If you are a health provider or enterprise looking to provide engaging digital health solutions to your patients and customers, then Health& may have a solution to suit you. From our white-labeled Health& personal health platform through to content licensing over 400 medically-verified topics, simply contact us today for more information.

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A digital health evolution

With digital health in its infancy, access by the public is largely unknown nor mainstream, think back to internet banking 20 years ago; yet progress is rapid .. imagine the norm of digital healthcare in 5 years’ time, when participatory health has become embedded as business as usual.

Health& is one of only a few data-fusion platforms recognised globally by EY in its second paper of the Healthcare Reimagined series that identifies growing consumer participation in healthcare.

The Health& platform

Health& is a flexible digital health platform that puts consumers at the centre of choice in healthcare while enabling interactions between a wide range of industry participants.

We have produced a preventive health platform that allows individuals to take control of their own health, improve their health literacy, easily understand health issues, link with doctors and develop personal wellness programs.

Health& utilises state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and big data analytics to offer predictive health applications that can support improvements in population health. We have collaborated with leading functionality partners to provide a suite of digital health services.

Health content library

Health& has created a multi-media library of over 400 commonly searched health topics, which are presented in written, illustrated and animated formats. This content helps to educate consumers in managing their personal and family health.

Corporate products

Health& is built to be customisable and branded to meet the requirements of our enterprise customers. Importantly, the Health& platform is a modular design which allows for faster, agile enhancements at a lower cost.

Health&’s platform capability includes the following features:

  • A cloud portal for consumer health management.
  • Co-branded or white-labelled options.
  • Customisable questionnaires to end-users.
  • Branded marketing collaterals such as emails and blogs.
  • As a channel to host preferred vendors or selected 3rd party APIs.
  • De-identified population health profiling.
  • Technical support for integrating partner apps and websites.

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