Health should not be so difficult when you have us…


What we offer

Health& is your personal health companion for life. We help manage you and your family’s health.

It is an online portal to:

  • Access health checks, which assess your risk for common health conditions,
  • Set-up personalised health reminders to keep up-to-date with vaccinations, mammograms and other medical appointments,
  • Securely store your health records,
  • Ask common health questions,
  • Search medically-accurate and engaging health information. 


Who we are

Health& is brought to you by a passionate team of the very best medical, creative and digital minds. We want you to lead healthier, happier and more rewarding lives.

We believe that looking after your health doesn’t need to be difficult. Therefore, our mission has been to use intelligent technology to allow you to effortlessly manage your health and wellbeing. 


Our management team

The management team has a unique breadth and depth of experience.

Bob Biddle (Founder) 

Bob is a serial entrepreneur and widely respected for his abilities to build life-changing technologies to meet the changing needs of populations and industries. 

Bob has been recognised through a number of high profile business awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services in 2002.

Dina Goebel (Commercial Director)

Dina has extensive commercial experience as a strategic leader with Australia's largest health insurer and in very senior sales and marketing roles in managing multi-million dollar accounts.

Dina is responsible for Health&'s commercial sucess including marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share.

Jody Biddle (Head of Technology)

Jody has over twenty years of experience developing and managing information technology systems for business. He has worked on solutions for Origin Healthcare, RACV, Colonial First State, Sony and many others.

Jody is responsible for managing the consumer and corporate experience component of the Health& product.

Leon Piterman (Medical)

Leon is an eminent academic and clinician in the area of General Practice.  

Leon chairs the Medical Advisory Board and provides strategic input, advice on medical research opportunities and oversees medical governance at Health&. He is a key member of the Health& Management Team.

Piraveen Pirakalathanan (Advising Medical Officer)

Piraveen has stepped aside from his role as a trainee surgeon to pursue a career in public health. The transition has seen him evolve and extend his medical background, research experience and teaching capabilities. He brings to the role strong ethics of consumer advocacy, high professional standards and a commitment to evidence-based practice. Piraveen works collaboratively with medical and script writers, illustrators and animators, and the IT team to create health resources for consumers. He coordinates medical approval of all content within a network of leading health professionals, to maintain medical accuracy and currency.


We are supported by our Medical Advisory Board.


Meet the team

The Health& team, past and present, have worked hard to make your health our priority.


Be part of the journey 

At Health&, we believe in working closely with you to create the best possible experience. If you would like to provide feedback or share your ideas, please contact our customer support team: