Your own health companion

The simple preventive health management platform to keep your health in shape

Preventive perfection

Don’t know when to see your doctor? Health& takes care of that. Health& will proactively help you to stay healthy, and intelligently remind you when to see your doctor. It arranges the timing of your health checks based on your risks.

Accurate medical information

Whether it is the flu or an odd-looking rash, you can search for health answers or browse the Health& library for evidence-based topics using intelligent computing powered by IBM Watson.

Your health records, all in one place

Keeping track of your steps, finding travel health records, or simply switching to a new doctor can be harder than it should be. Health& offers a safe, secure and private place to store your health information, giving you the flexibility to be healthy wherever life takes you.


For a connected lifestyle

Connect your fitness tracker to your account and enjoy access to real-time health data that you can share with your doctor. Use your account to keep informed about important health checks, and use our wellness programs to keep you running at your best.

Personal health

Access a comprehensive range of lifestyle and health risk assessments e.g. nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, and smoking.

Never miss an appointment

Know exactly when your appointments are, no matter how far in the future.

For the whole family

No more digging through old records, and chasing up doctors. Your family’s records consolidated in one safe place.

Manage your medications

Be reminded when your medication is to be topped up and keep track of how much you'll need.

Track your allergies

Have all your allergy records in one place to easily share data with your doctor.


Never worry about vaccinations again. Easily keep track of all your vaccinations and receive alerts if you need a booster shot.

Medically approved

Health& is endorsed by an advisory board of brilliant minds in medicine.

  • Professor Leon
    Piterman, AM

  • Professor Gab
    Kovacs, AM

  • Professor Henry
    Burger, AO

  • Professor John
    Murtagh, AM

  • Professor Ian
    Meredith, AM

  • Professor Alison
    Street, AO

  • Professor Geoffrey
    Metz, AM

  • Professor Hatem
    Salem, AO

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Welcome to Health&. We aim to help keep you healthy and well.

We provide helpful information and guidance to manage your health. The information is personalised to allow you to make better decisions about your health. We use the latest medical guidelines and provide information that has been reviewed by doctors at Health&. It is important to note that we only provide information - we do not provide medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. The health information provided should not be a substitute for professional medical care. Before acting on the information, please consult your doctor to make sure it is right for you. In the event of a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or emergency services - dial 000 (in Australia) or 911 (in the United States of America).

At Health&, you can securely store your health records. We respect the need for privacy and security of personal information. We are bound by legal requirements for privacy in Australia. Health& is also a registered Healthcare Provider Organisation (just like your doctor), so we will not share your personal information with anyone. We apply the highest levels of security for the storage, management and access of your personal information, using industry standards for encryption. To further safeguard your information, we recommend that you use a strong password and take care to protect it.

Health& is the first consumer-led population health study in Australia. We collect anonymous health data to support medical research and population health initiatives. The information contributes to major improvements in the health of communities. Your participation helps others to also benefit.

You need to be at least 18 years old to sign up. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before using Health&.


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