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Is pneumonia contagious?
Is it safe to have sex with a testicular lump?
What is the difference between HIV and AIDs?
What are the symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection?

You’ve got health questions - we’ve got health advice that you can trust.

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Welcome to Health& your trusted health companion

Your health information, personalised

Health& understands your health journey is unique.

By asking the right questions, our app gets to know you on a personal level. This allows us to generate reports and reminders tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring that you receive personalised health information empowering you to make informed decisions about your well being.

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Verified medical advice

When it comes to your health, trust matters. That's why Health& provides access to a wealth of health advice, medically-verified by a team of leading doctors, medical writers, and editors. With over 400 animated explainer videos and articles covering a wide range of topics from Asthma to Women’s Health, you can watch, read, and listen to expert insights that are designed to educate and empower you on your preventive health journey.

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FAQs answered by medical professionals

Navigating health-related questions can be daunting, especially when faced with the overwhelming amount of information available online. With Health&, you can say goodbye to uncertainty. Access over 4,000 of the most frequently asked questions as answered by our GPs, ensuring that you receive accurate and trustworthy information from medical professionals you can rely on. Don't roll the dice on your health by consulting Dr. Google – turn to Health& for reliable answers to your health queries.

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Explore popular health articles

The whole family will love learning with our animated video library and A-Z of health articles - all medically-verified by our team of leading doctors, medical writers and editors.

Your health is too important to leave to chance. With Health&, you have a reliable doctor-approved health information resource at your fingertips. From personalised health information tailored to your needs to verified medical advice curated by experts, Health& is your trusted companion on your health journey. Join our waitlist today and take the first step towards living better, for longer.


Medically-verified and personalised, health advice that you can trust to help you avoid preventable diseases.

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Health checks

Take convenient and evidence-based health checks to receive personalised reports identifying your risk factors for chronic disease before they become a problem.

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Medical records

Securely manage your vaccination history, prescriptions, X-Rays, allergies and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the source of Health&’s information?

Health&’s information is extensively researched and evidence-based using high-quality scientific publications, the latest clinical guidelines and industry-leading websites. Health& does not edit licensed health content provided by an external source.

Who reviews the information on Health&?

Health&’s information is rigorously checked and verified by our experienced medical doctors and respected professors on the Medical Advisory Board. All health information is peer-reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. At least one reviewer has expertise in the specialty area relevant to the condition under review.

Who writes the information
on Health&?

Health& has a talented and diverse team of medical journalists, editors, script writers, illustrators, animators, voice-over artists, sound engineers, allied health professionals and doctors who collectively create the information on the website.

How current is the information on Health&?

All health information is created using current international guidelines and practices. The health information undergoes review and update at a minimum of every six months.

How can I find reliable health
information online?

Finding reliable health information online is crucial for making informed decisions about your well-being. Look for trusted sources such as government health websites, academic institutions, and reputable medical organisations. Additionally, consider using Health& app, which offers curated health information from medically-verified sources, as well as evidence-based health assessments ensuring accuracy and reliability.

What should I consider when seeking health advice online?

When seeking health advice online, it's important to consider the credibility of the source and the relevance of the information to your specific health concerns. Look for content backed by medical professionals or peer-reviewed research. Health& app provides personalised health advice that has been medically-verfified by a team of Australian doctors and medical experts ensuring relevance and accuracy.