Health& makes you expert in your own health.

How Health& will put you back in control

Health& members will have access to:

Personalised health information

Health& gets to know you by asking the right questions so our intelligent algorithms can produce reports and reminders tailored just to you.

Early detection algorithm

Get on top of preventable issues early! Receive personalised reports identifying risk factors for chronic disease before they become a problem.

Watch, read and listen to verified medical advice

From Asthma to Women’s Health, search over 400 animated explainer videos and articles, created for you, by a team of leading doctors, medical writers, and editors.

FAQs answered by medical professionals

Don’t roll the dice on your health by consulting Dr. Google. Access 4,000 of the most frequently asked questions of GPs, as answered by GPs.

Own your information

While you may need to request access to your information from healthcare providers, all the information in Health& is yours and yours alone – to be accessed when and where you want.

Manage medical contacts

Health& can also function like your own personal assistant. By keeping track of your medical contacts and appointments, Health& will help you stay organised.

Centrally control your health data

Health& syncs with other health apps and services, like FitBit, Garmin, and HotDoc and is constantly building new features to provide a more holistic health experience.

Care for your family

Care for those close to you and manage your family’s healthcare records and appointments from one app.

New medical information updates

Health& will let you know when new medical information that relates to your personal situation becomes available. Health& will always recommend any articles that might be useful to you.

Your data is your own

We believe everyone should have complete control over their healthcare data, including the ability to access it anywhere, anytime, without asking for the permission of health professionals.

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