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Your health, your way. Own your future

Juggling your family’s health, getting personalised care and preventing disease isn't easy, but having great advice at your fingertips can be! 
Welcome to a new era of personalised healthcare with our personalised health assistant app. We're dedicated to putting you in the driver’s seat with your health through our innovative features designed to support your unique health journey.

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Health& in-app features

Know your risk and take control of your health with our trusted guide to preventable diseases.

Personalised health information

At Health&, we understand the frustration of long wait times and rushed medical appointments. That's why we take the time to get to know you. Our evidence-based health assessments ask questions just like your GP would, and we generate personalised reports and reminders tailored specifically to your health profile.

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Health checks

Stay one step ahead of preventable issues with our early detection risk calculators. Receive personalised reports that identify potential risk factors for chronic diseases, encouraging you to take proactive steps toward a healthier future.

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Medical records

Own your information. Unlike other platforms, all the information in Health& belongs to you. While you may need to request access to data from healthcare providers, your Health& information is all yours to access at your convenience.

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FAQs answered by medical professionals

Don’t roll the dice on Doctor Google! Access up to 4,000 frequently asked questions with answers medically-verified by trusted medical professionals, ensuring reliable information for your health queries.

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Manage medical contacts

Health& is your personal healthcare assistant. Keep track of medical contacts and appointments and let Health& keep you organised and on top of your health commitments.

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Centrally control your health data

Seamlessly sync Health& with other health apps and services, including Apple watch, FitBit, Garmin, and Samsung Health. We are continually developing new features to provide you with a holistic and integrated health experience.

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New medical information updates

Stay informed with Health&. Receive alerts when new medical information personalised to your health journey becomes available. Our app recommends articles that might be useful to you, ensuring you are always in the know.

Take charge of your health journey. It's time to prioritise your future well-being and avoid preventable chronic disease with Health&!

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Our 5 star reviews

“I had a mole I had been ignoring for three years, I took the skin health check and found out I am high risk for skin cancer. I remembered to bring it up with my GP next appointment and luckily it was benign but I’m glad I checked.”

Take control of your health with medically-verified and personalised health advice that you can trust.

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