Health& Atticus Health Trial

Patient Trial Terms and Conditions

Trial registration is open to patients of Atticus Health from Tuesday the 17th January 2023 to Monday the 17th April 2023.

The Health& platform and app are free to participating Patients for the trial duration and for the following 12 months after completing their registration.

After a duration of 3 months from the Patient registration date, the participating Patient is required to fill in a post-completion survey.

The completing Patient will then receive a one-off payment of $50 AUD and are paid via Paypal or bank transfer.

A limit of one payment per user registered applies.

Incomplete surveys are ineligible for this payment.

De-identified patient data will be collected from this trial for the purpose of improving the user experience of the Health& platform, as well as providing insights that may increase consumer participation in preventive care.

Health& complies with privacy regulations and guidelines in Australia and as established by HIPAA in the US for the secure storage of consumer health records. Health& was built using ISO 9001 accreditation for “The provision of services relating to the design, development and supply of medically-verified health information” and is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation (HON).