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Atticus Health welcomes you to the trial of the AI-driven app – Health& – built and trusted by doctors to help prevent chronic disease!

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At Atticus Health, our ambition is to help our patients raise and address preventative health matters with their GP in an effective and efficient manner as well as benefit from the patient-centred educational content. So welcome to the trial, and congratulations on taking this first step towards chronic disease prevention and better health!

Dr Floyd Gomes – General Practitioner and Managing Director

STEP 1 – Register for the trial.
The app is entirely free to use for a period of 16 months for our reviewers!
STEP 2 – Take free, doctor-approved health checkups!
STEP 3 – Learn more about your family’s health conditions and symptoms when you explore our extensive health topic library developed by doctors and trusted by doctors.
STEP 4 – Complete our post-trial survey after 90 days – report on the pros and cons of using the app, your likes and dislikes, along with whether or not it influenced your approach to preventative health.
STEP 5 – Get paid $50!
It’s that easy!

You can review the terms and conditions of the trial here.

Control is in your hands. Health& is developed by doctors and medically verified by doctors to revolutionise the quality and management of your health.

Manage your health in 4 steps


Sign up:
Register your account online and then download the Health& app.


We get to know you:
Answer a few health questions and input your medical history, so Health&’s smart algorithms can personalise your experience.


Take control of your health:
Access thousands of health information topics, store your health records, manage your appointments, and receive personalised reports, recommendations, and early-detection warnings — all unique to you.


Link to your family:
Create accounts for your family, link them to yours, and centrally manage the health of your loved ones.

World Class Health Information

Health& members have access to the best medical information available, verified by our world-renowned Medical Advisory Board.
It’s on-demand health information for you and your family that you can confidently trust.

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