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The creative innovators behind Health&

Our future-first, prevention-driven team are the innovators behind the first preventive health app created exclusively by a leading team of medical professionals.

Imagine receiving a digital companion that not only understands but anticipates your health needs, delivering customised care. Our intelligent technology predicts and prevents health issues, delivering personalised digital insights to empower your well-being. We've reimagined health management, placing you firmly in control.

So, welcome to a space where your health journey is recognised as unique. Accessible to everyone, regardless of background, age or circumstance. Health& is your trusted health companion to navigate your way through the jargon and obstacles of health information.

Medical advisory board

Each professor has received an Order of Australia for their contribution to medicine and is a recognised leader both locally and internationally. It’s their invaluable knowledge that is being brought to you.

Meet our dynamic leadership team

Our leadership team is entrepreneurial, energetic, and resourceful. Committed to empowering every team member, they encourage diverse voices and contributions within the organisation.

Comprising over 100 skilled professionals, our diverse team includes medical academics, doctors, scientists, animators, illustrators, storytellers, musicians, voice-over artists, software engineers, ICT experts, platform designers, systems engineers, data analysts, lawyers, quality assurance specialists, and social media experts. Collaborating for eight years, we have crafted Health&, a cutting-edge digital health technology platform.

Our mission was clear: create a prevention-focused platform to enhance participation, personalise information, engage individuals in preventive care, boost access, enhance health literacy, integrate wearable devices, and unite the entire healthcare marketplace. We aimed to decrease costs for consumers, insurers, providers, businesses, and government.

Recognising that only digital solutions could meet the diverse needs of stakeholders, our team interconnected interests through prevention, participation, personalisation and population health management. Success hinged on innovative data collection, personalised information, automated preventive care, improved health literacy and active engagement.

Healthspan, the heart of Health&

Our story begins in 2015, fuelled by a vision to revolutionise healthcare – shifting the focus from treatment to prevention, and paving the way for healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Health& was born from the desire to empower individuals like you to take charge of your well-being and redefine the narrative of your health journey.

Sonoa Health leads the charge to prioritise healthspan - a revolution that is poised to become a widespread, global movement.

Our focus is on democratising healthspan, ensuring that all people have access to the latest cutting-edge research and actionable, personalised health advice that helps them make decisions which can enhance their health, wellbeing and on maximising healthy, years over mere lifespan.

As our journey unfolded, the significance of our vision became increasingly apparent, especially during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 outbreak. With medical resources stretched thin, a surge in demand for alternative yet credible and professional health care services emerged. In this atmosphere of uncertainty, the need for a solution like Health& became more crucial than ever.

Our narrative is one of evolution, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of a better, more inclusive approach to health. We offer a bridge between intelligent technology and compassionate care. Health& is not just an app; it's a testament to the belief that everyone deserves seamless access to understandable health information and the tools to reclaim control over their well-being.

Join us in shaping a future without preventable chronic and debilitating disease.

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Health& revolution

At Health& we're not just transforming healthcare, we're revolutionising it.

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Embracing prevention

In a world where health challenges are becoming more prevalent, we understand the power of prevention. With 50% of Australians grappling with chronic diseases, 67% facing weight concerns and 63% of GP visits tied to mental health, it's time to take proactive steps. Our comprehensive suite of preventive health services, including verified risk assessments and timely detection reminders, enables you to stay one step ahead of preventable health conditions.

Your data, your power

At Health&, we believe in putting you in the driver's seat of your healthcare journey. Your data is your own - accessible anytime, anywhere, without needing permission from healthcare professionals. We're committed to ensuring you have complete control over your health information, because informed decisions start with empowered individuals.

A unified approach to health

Navigating the healthcare system can feel like a labyrinth, but at Health& we simplify the experience. Imagine having everything you need in one place, accessible through a single, centrally controlled app. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and integrated healthcare experience, putting you firmly in control of your health.

Join us on a journey where your health is not just a priority; it's a partnership. At Health&, we're rewriting the narrative of healthcare, making it intelligent, accessible and inclusive.

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Expert medical guidance

Our app and content benefit from the support of a distinguished Medical Advisory Board. Each professor on the board has been honoured with an Order of Australia for their significant contributions to medicine, establishing them as well-regarded leaders both locally and globally. You can trust that their invaluable expertise is being delivered directly to you.

Transforming healthcare together

Our commitment lies in collaborating closely with our users to craft the optimal experience. If you have any feedback or ideas to share, please contact us.

Our 5 star reviews

“I had a mole I had been ignoring for three years, I took the skin health check and found out I am high risk for skin cancer. I remembered to bring it up with my GP next appointment and luckily it was benign but I’m glad I checked.”

Take control of your health with medically-verified and personalised health advice that you can trust.

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